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The Mustang Sports Club's mission is to create athletic opportunities for boys and girls at a young age where they can learn essential skills and life lessons in ways that are consistent with best practices in youth athletics.

The Mustang Sports Club is an independent organization directed by a board of mostly parent volunteers, and is composed of Colorado Academy students, as well as friends and peers from the community. The MSC operates under its own Colorado nonprofit corporation. 
If you have questions, please email us at:  .

Note: Program details are posted below and under the horozontal tabs at the top of the homepage.

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MSC Field Schedule, Spring 2014           Boys...
Weather and Aftercare Logistics for 2014 MSC Spring...
by posted 03/03/2014
MSC Field Schedule, Spring 2014          
Boys and Girls Practice will begin the week of March 10th Practice arrival time 5:30 practice starts at 5:45 and goes till 7 (later once the weather gets nicer)        
Boys and Girls Developmental Teams begin first week of April Girls Developmental 4:00-5:00
Boys Developmental 3:45-5:00

Field Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Simms #1 U8 Gulick                              U15 Pratt U11 Girls Maloy                     U15 Pratt U15 Pratt U8 Gulick Boys   U15 Pratt    
SImms #2 U11 Rosenblatt                                   U11 Stratman  U13 Schwartz                U15 white                                       U11 Roenblatt                           U11 Stratman U13 Schwartz                 U15 white U11 Rosenblat  U11Stratman boys games 8:00 - 1:00 Rockmore 2-4 Rakowski U10  4:00 - 6:00 
Firman   Girls Dev 4:00-5:00     Boys Dev 3:45-5:00    
Wright                                U15 Girls   Cook U12/13  
Rakowski U10
U15 Girls    RockmoreU9                              Maloy U11  Cook U12/13  girls games  8:00 - 1:00  

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by posted 02/25/2014
Weather and Aftercare Logistics for 2014 MSC Spring Lacrosse
Weather Related Issues and Practice Cancelations:
During the months of March and April we will likely experience field closures and practice cancellations due to weather.  This has always been a tough challenge as we have kids from all over the metro area trying to get to practice and CA students that normally stay after school for practice need to make other arrangements for his/her ride home if practices are cancelled.  If the fields are closed and practice is cancelled, the MSC will send out an email and/or text to all MSC parents, players and coaches by 2:00 P.M.  The ONLY EXCEPTION is if Middle School coaches can arrange practice at an alternate location (i.e. an indoor gym or parking lot), the alternate plan will be sent out by 2:00 P.M. to your team.
PLEASE take a moment to look at your profile on the MSC website,  Once you are on the website, select “Edit my Account” from the home page.  Use your email and password to log in, then select the member’s name whose information you are updating.  This profile will allow you to select the type of communication (text and/or email) you would like to receive from the MSC.
Lightning: We follow the US Lacrosse Lightning policy which you can review under the Coaches Corner of the website.  Please be familiar with this and the associated procedures and know where you will take the players in case of lightning. 
CA’s Aftercare Program:  
Once again CA parents and students have the option to use the aftercare program for the period between the end of school and start of practice.  Attendees will be supervised by aftercare professionals; can get their homework done and once all school work is completed can spend time outdoors sharpening their stick skills with other players.

If you would like to have your player(s) go to the after care
program please contact Carol Rosberg as soon as possible so she can get appropriate staff.  Carol can be contacted at   or 303-914-2565. 
If your player is NOT going to aftercare, please be sure an adult is responsible for your child after school.
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Field Status
CA Simms Fields - Denver OPEN (4/16) 
Simms Field - Denver OPEN (4/16) 
Slater Field - Denver OPEN (4/16) 
Wright Field - Denver OPEN (4/16) 
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